A Brand New Home for the Schottenstein Chabad House at The Ohio State University

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our campaign to construct a brand new home for the Schottenstein Chabad House at The Ohio State University! This project has been years in the making as we have slowly outgrown our current home located at 207 East 15th Avenue. The new building will boast state-of-the-art features including a massive social hall for Shabbat and holiday meals, an educational wing filled with classrooms, guest rooms for visitors and commercial, Kosher kitchens. 

For 25 years OSU Chabad has been a focal point of Jewish life on The Ohio State's campus, reaching thousands of students and making an indelible impact on their college careers and beyond. We cannot do this without you! Please look through the materials below and make a donation by clicking "donate here." 

Thank you,
Rabbi Levi & Aviva Andrusier 
Rabbi Zalman & Sarah Deitsch 


Click here to donate

Click here to donate 

Check out this video of our brand new building below!