Meet the Staff!

Deitsch Family
(From left to right: Margalit, Batya, Rabbi Zalman, Rosie, Sarah, JJ, Chayim, Dovid) 


Rabbi Zalman Deitsch
Program Director
Cell Phone (614) 975-5711 

\Rabbi Zalman has been a whirlwind force here at the Schottenstein Chabad House since 1996. Sent by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the Rebbe; Rabbi Zalman dedicates his life to connecting Jewish students to their Jewish heritage. He has a BA in Rabbinic studies that he received while studying in Brooklyn, NY. Rabbi Zalman has also studied in South Africa and Israel. He is one of eight children and has five brothers and two sisters. His favorite thing about Chabad House is the people and atmosphere. He loves the camaraderie among students and all the Jewish energy. A little know fact about Rabbi Zalman is how he spent two summers working in the former Soviet Union performing numerous circumcisions and all the boys named themselves Zalman! Rabbi Zalman loves what he does here at Chabad house; the students really brighten his day. He believes it is an honor to teach and spread the love and warmth of Judaism with everyone here at OSU.



Sarah Deitsch
Program Director
Sarah has been an inspiration to students at the Schottenstein Chabad House since 1996 as well and has loved every minute of it. For college, Sarah traveled to France, where she received her BA in education. Sarah is one of fourteen children where she comes from a long line of Rabbis. Married to Rabbi Zalman, they have seven beautiful children. Sarah’s favorite thing about Chabad House is the thirst students have for knowledge. She is happy to be able to continue to provide education so they can continue to connect to Judaism. Sarah’s cooking is always sure to gather a crowd here at Chabad, but that is just one of her many talents. Even though Sarah has a family of her own, she views the students of OSU as her extended family. She and Rabbi Zalman care for and about them like they were their own. “The Rebbe has taught us to view all Jews as equal and love all; we try to install that lesson in everything we do.”


  Andrusier Family  
Rabbi Levi Andrusier and his wife Aviva joined the OSU Chabad team in 2016.


Casey Washer
Culinary Assistant
Food is an art and he helps create the masterpieces that keep our students energized during the year.