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The world watched in horror as Egypt, Syria and Jordan closed in on Israel's borders. They pledged to drive Israel into the sea. Israel's army was outgunned and outnumbered. Only a miracle could change the facts on the ground. 
The Lubavitcher Rebbe announced that Israel was guaranteed Divine protection and began a massive Tefillin campaign that would change the tide of the war. The campaign would empower the Jewish people, he said, quoting the Talmud that Tefillin is the "Mitzvah which strikes fear in the hearts of your enemies."
It succeeded. Within six days, Israel had her miracle and IDF soldiers flocked to the liberated Western Wall to wear Tefillin and pray. By the end of the year, 500,000 men had donned Tefillin.
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OSU T500 Campaign
Today, 50 years since that revolution began, Rabbi Levi and Rabbi Zalman have pledged to recruit 500 Jewish Buckeyes to continue this campaign. This will help ensure miracles and provide safety & security for Israel's borders.
We hope you will join on this campus-wide campaign by putting on Tefillin; for yourself, your family and for the Land of Israel.
Text Zalman at (614) 975-5711 to join the revolution.  
We are currently at 246! Help us climb to the top!
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Contact Zalman at (614) 975-5711 to join the revolution!
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