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Parents and Alumni

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For those of us who were privileged enough to attend or have a child attend one of Sarah's delicious dinners, holiday celebrations, or a meaningful discussion with Zalman and Sarah you truly know what an amazing experience it is. These experiences become a part of who we are. We would never know that attending a Friday Night Dinner or weekly class would allow us to form bonds and memories for a lifetime. Having Chabad at OSU truly creates a Jewish "home away from home" and gives us experiences we continue to cherish.

Because of our appreciation of Chabad, we want to ensure that others will have the same experiences.

When we were students at OSU or when we were thinking about our child attending, it never crossed our minds to wonder how Chabad was funded. While Chabad Houses are similar all over the world, each is independent and responsible for raising its own funds. 

As alumni and parents we have the power and means to make a meaningful impact on the future success of Chabad at OSU.  Even with small amount of support of $18 denominations per month, we can help Zalman and Sarah foster a Jewish community at OSU that for many of us was our second home.

As Chabad touched your life; now help them make a difference in other Jewish students' lives as well.

Stay in touch, share news through a newsletter, and participate in reunions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

May you find success and happiness wherever the road takes you, but remember that you have a home away from home at Chabad at OSU. Go Bucks!

Phone: 614-294-3296 

Email: osuchabad@gmail.com

Visit us at 207 E 15th Ave Columbus, OH


Upcoming events
Sep. 20, 2018
We're bringing the Pizza to the BOWLING alley! This is going to be an awesome event, so make sure to join us, eat good pizza, hang out with your friends and maybe meet some new ones!
Sep. 21, 2018
Join us for a world-famous Shabbat Dinner. Feast on a gourmet home cooked meal and enjoy lively conversation and friendly warmth. Bring your friends for a truly outstanding Friday Night. ...
Sep. 22, 2018
Join us for inspiring services and a delicious homemade lunch with Sarah's world famous cholent!. Bring your friends and experience what Shabbat is all about. Services 10:30 am, Lunch 1:00 pm.
Sep. 25, 2018
Sukkah Party say what?! Food, music and dancing all in our very own Sukkah!