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Find out how you can go to Israel today!



IsraeLinks: Enjoy an AMAZING three week tour of the Land of Israel. Don’t just learn about the historic sites, experience them!  

Extensive guided tours of the country will be accompanied by stimulating lectures and discussions with academic and rabbinic experts.

Participants will get to review ancient and contemporary source materials, undertake exciting historical explorations, take part in mentored discussions of Judaism, as well as have a first-hand discovery of the social, religious, and political composition of the Holy Land.

IsraeLinks will provide participants with state-of-the-art tour buses, comfortable lodgings, delicious daily meals (including Shabbat), experienced English-speaking tour guides, fully paid entrance fees, and many extras which will make this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel cherished and memorable.


Mayanot: Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Stuides offers Jewish young adults a dynamic Judaic Studies program. Mayanot is for everyone, and that includes YOU! Enjoy learning about your Judaism in an open atmosphere where an amazing staff is available to help you find answers to any question 

 A high-quality Israel experience in ten activity-packed days, and meet young Israelis and participants from diverse backgrounds. Wherever you’re from, no matter what your background is, you’ll feel at home on a Mayanot Israel trip. Highlights of your Israel experience with Mayanot include: Hiking Masada, Floating in the Dead Sea, Shabbat at the Western Wall and much more! 


Masa Israel Journey can help you find immersive 5-12 month gap-year, study abroad, and volunteer programs in Israel, plus grants and scholarships to make it possible. 

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Good luck on finals! Make Chabad your quiet place to study!
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Good luck on finals! Make Chabad your quiet place to study!
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Good luck on finals! Make Chabad your quiet place to study!